Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

Waiting for TEDprize

Starting at 5pm PST, there will be a live-stream for the TEDprize ceremony, taking place in Long Beach, California. Due to the different time zone, this event starts at one o'clock in the morning (if you are located in Cork, as I obviously am right now).
The TEDprize is a small (and the only publicly available) live part of the TED conference, which features a lot of brilliant minds, artists and presenters from all over the world. Above is a picture of the TED stage in the Long Beach Center of Performing Arts during the start of one of the earlier sessions of the conference (source: rom).

00:31 Stream accessible
00:59 Music starts playing (but no image yet...)
01:05 Yeah, live image finally works!
01:07 Chris Anderson takes the stage :-)
01:13 Review of last year's wishes
01:18 Sir Richard Branson introduces first winner: Jill Tarter
01:39 1st wish: develop / join / support the SETI project
01:46 TED conference just got Jill a production company & an award winning film maker to spread the word about the idea
01:50 More reviews...
01:53 Al Gore introduces 2nd winner: Sylvia Earle
02:02 Connection to reality: Sylvia is the "idea" behind Google Earth's newly released ocean coverage
02:13 2nd wish: support gloal network of marine protection
02:18 Offers: website-building, film-campaign, workforce of Coca Cola's former marketing executive
02:22 Even more reviews...
02:26 Live music (piano)
02:31 Quincy Jones introduces 3rd winner José Antonio Abreu (winner only available through satellite link from Caracas, 2nd introduction onstage by Benjamin Zander)
02:51 Connection to Caracas established!
02:52 3rd wish: establish a US-version of "El Sistema" for American children
02:53 Boston Music Conservatory (?) will run the program, Quincy Jones will help getting 25 music organisations together to engage in the program
02:56 Live music from Caracas, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel
02:58 Satellite link breaks down :-( Oh, back again!
02:58 Live music continues
03:12 Music finished, great tune!!
03:14 Farewell from Chris Anderson (the end seems to be near...)
03:18 Long Beach TEDsters leave for celebration reception
03:19 The End is here; stream stops image...
03:21 Good night ;-)


  1. Das is ja alles auf Englisch!!! Mir hätte ein "Jo, hat sich gelohnt!" oder "Diesen Mist schau ich mir nie wieder an!" vollkommen gereicht ;) Wie wars denn jetzt nun letztendlich? (Falls du das oben schon geschrieben haben solltest: ich weiger mich, englisch zu lesen *g*)
    Hab übrigens meine Geld-ausm-Fenster-Schleuder-Aktion von gestern Abend jetzt so langsam verdaut ;)
    LG, Jan-Henrik

  2. Hope you enjoyed it, and the night wasn't to short.

  3. Ja, war schon allein wegen der Musik aus Venezuela die Zeit wert...!

    @Jan: Gut, dass du das überstanden hast! Manchmal ist man (du :-D) aber auch unachtsam :-p Und mit der Sprache musst du dich halt abfinden, hab das eben einfach geschrieben, wie es mir in den Kopf kam. Und war dann halt irgendwie Englisch...